November 11, 2008

Rabbit Embrace

Saskatchewan's most significant contribution to the English language:

The term 'Bunny Hug,' referring to what the rest of the world calls a 'Hoodie.'

Read all about the phenomenon here. According to this article, in the border-town of Lloydminster residents on the Alberta side tend to use the term 'Hoodie,' while Sask. residents use 'Bunny Hug.'

Language is remarkable.

Bunny Hug.

It was only last year that I realized no one outside of Saskatchewan had any idea what I was talking about when I used the term.

The terms 'Hoodie' or 'Hooded Sweater' seem ridiculous to me. I feel like a 13 year old girl using the F-word whenever I attempt either one.

Bunny Hug.
Bunny Hug.


Anonymous said...

The bunny hug phenomenon is remarkable, but not as remarkable as the "watermelon helmets" worn by saskatchewan roughriders fans.

There is a copy of le jetee at my store and I keep thinking about it. One night I considered what I would do if I was forced to choose between photography and writing - I thought of le jetee - and decided that to write I would compile photographs, and to photograph I would write a book with the sole purpose of compiling a single image through text.


Either undertaking - to be done successfully - would result in emaciation. (and soon after I would likely discover the meaning of life .... unnamable ecstacy)

Bunny hugs: whatever you call 'em, they sure are warm.

jon said...

i called them kangaroo jackets growing up in BC, moved to saskatchewan and couldn't believe my ears. now i'm a hoodie man, but i think the uniquely saskatchewanian language is worth preserving.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

"the meaning of life .... unnamable ecstasy"

I can go along with that.

Kangaroo Jackets? I've never heard that before. Fantastic.