November 3, 2008

Letters (Not This Time) and Drawings V

I rewatched Barry Levinson's Diner tonight. Really, really good film.

Tomorrow: President Barack Hussein Obama. The small, long picture is my Obama tribute -kinda. Even if he is maybe a little over-hyped (maybe), he still represents the promise of an optimistic future. I want to believe, you know?!

Please, America, please please please!!!


Anonymous said...

go for it matt. interesting art. why why why? by the way, Im still thinking Erwitt. thanks for the heads up.


jon said...

these are just wonderful. you need to get set up at a gallery somewhere, for real.

i'd likely love obama if not for his voting record and stance on abortion. other than that i probably would share your optimism. its not like mccain would do anything about abortion anyways so its a pretty pessimistic outlook on that front regardless.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...


Yeah, abortion. There's no way around Obama's profoundly pro-choice position. However...

One thing both sides have got to admit about Obama vis-a-vis abortion is that he steps outside of the old rhetoric. He's able to get people to realize where they agree and use those agreements as a force for real change. He's a peacemaker in the truest and best sense of the word.

Why why why what?

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Also, thanks guys.