September 3, 2008

Mothers Sons Fathers Lovers Daughters EP

It's done.

If you follow the link on the side (or click on this picture) it will take you to Part 1 of my new 8-song EP -available to download for free from myspace. Enjoy.

After some thought I've decided to set music aside and focus on cinema this academic year -despite having already started work on a new album (which, if I ever finish it someday, is going to kick Sinners' ass).

So this EP is the last music you'll hear for a while.

I don't think this EP is the greatest thing I've ever done. Not by any stretch. But it feels good to let these old, old ghosts off my chest. I wrote and recorded two new songs for the EP ('The Mythographer,' and 'After Harmony Korine'), but the other songs are b-sides or unreleased tracks from when I was working on my previous albums.

The room-mate says 'I Don't (Remember the Riots)' is the best song. I like 'Ambition Song' better.

I watched John Duigan's Flirting for the first time tonight. I enjoyed it very much.


Leif Pederson said...

Pretty good. I especially like The Mythographer and Congregation. However, I am still enamoured with your Bleeders album (esp. Candles and Bleeder). I one day dream of making films with your music as a soundtrack.

jon said...

thank you! i CAN NOT WAIT to listen to these.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...


I'm REALLY flattered that you like Bleeders of the Vast Expanse so much. I poured a lot of myself into that album, and spent more than a year working fairly intensely on it. So it's been tough to let it go -knowing all that work ends up just being 45 minutes of music. And since it's not as easy an album to listen to, it's never going to receive the kind of attention Sinners did. It's easily my favourite of my own work. So yeah, it means a lot that you are enjoying Bleeders so much. Thank you.

You're very welcome. Knowing that you appreciate my work is extremely meaningful to me.