August 19, 2008

I like this:

Naked. This 1993 film from British director Mike Leigh is simply one of the best movies I've ever seen. It runs to the edge and stays there, like Taxi Driver, or that song 'The Rat' by The Walkmen. You know? It's not quietly transcendent. It's brutal.

Handsome Furs - Plague Park
I fell in love with this album before I ever moved to Montreal. Then, last year I had the opportunity to see them play live in a bookstore here in the middle of a Sunday afternoon after a huge snowstorm. There was so much snow on the streets that you could hardly walk. It was unreal. The journey from the metro to the bookstore was seriously treacherous, and when I got there (late) I found myself in a crowded store full of kids with tight pants. I stood at the back, barely able to see. But the performance was really really good. I walked home smoking cigarettes and raging against winter.

I think Plague Park is the best album to come out of this city since Montreal exploded.

The Walkmen - You & Me
The Walkmen. I think their song 'The Rat' is a completely perfect rock and roll single, and the track 'Wake Up' is similarly excellent. However, I always found their albums a little underwhelming.

A couple months ago i ran across some Leonard Cohen covers they recorded for daytrotter that are easily (EASILY!!!) the best Cohen covers I have ever heard, so my interest in them was renewed.

Today their new album came out. I'm listening to it, and it is really good. Finally.

I've got tickets to see them in September.

I'm really interested in the city of Minneapolis lately.


joel said...

Hey, I was just thinking about Naked today in fact! That movie was really cool and interesting. Though it was rather exhausting as well, I really enjoyed that last closing scene with the sun shinning into the camera that was cool.

And by the way Woody Allen is the best.

I think we should have tacos soon, remember how yummy they were? Ohh, we could have that dish Anna would make with Tin Toms! And I can do that alchemist thing with the seasoning, oh the joys of yum-town. Can you tell I am ready for lunch?

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

also, you are apparently drunk.