August 7, 2008


ignore the videos.
listen to the songs.

Slim Twig - Birthing and Birthing

according to a commenter on youtube, "Slim Twig is cool and interesting."

Kitty Wells - Lonely Side of Town

according to another commenter, "country music's been dead for a while. But not on youtube."


jon said...

i've become way more interested in country music since being introduced to ryan adams and a few young musicians out of edmonton, but kitty wells i could do without.

slim twig is definitely "cool and interesting" though.

Matthew A. Wilkinson said...

Yeah, Ryan Adams is where it started for me too.

Kitty Wells is as country as you can get: the pedal steel, the twang, and the melodramatic lyrics. She's everything I spent my adolescence despising. But then came Ryan Adams, and Johnny Cash, then Tift Merrit, and Marty Robbins, Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline album, and on and on -and finally here I am loving Kitty Wells to death.